September 17th, 2021
Good Afternoon,
Market traded in the red throughout the trading day. For corn, no recent news and slow export buying. China bought beans this AM, crush numbers still down. Chinese out on holiday next Monday and Tuesday also playing a factor today.
N/C corn futures closed down 2^2 5.2725, O/C bidding off DEC. N/C bean futures closed down 12^0 12.84, O/C bidding off NOV.
Good Morning,
Market finished overnight session in the red across the board. Very light overnight trading volume, especially in corn. Pre-market open export sale of 132 KMT beans to China. Market continues to fall here after morning open.
8:50 N/C corn future down 5^4 5.24, O/C bidding off the DEC. N/C bean futures down 16^0 12.80, O/C bidding off NOV.